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Draplin Design Co., North America


OUT TODAY: Our 8th Skillshare class titled, “The Business of Graphic Design: Protect & Perfect Your Passion” is out! All the stuff off the page!

Here’s the official Skillshare verbiage about the class:

“Let’s see those business building blocks!
From your perfectly formulated file names to your invoice template, we want to see how you’re leveling up your business through expert administration. Just remember to keep your private information confidential. If you love the way your W-9 looks after a few adjustments, feel free to share it with a fun, made-up address rather than information like your real address or social security number. 

A few reminders:
* Investing in your business is just as important as investing in good marketing or a strong logo. By protecting yourself legally, you’ll be better equipped to handle any unwelcome surprises. 
* Be careful when taking financial or tax advice online. It’s always better to speak with a professional.
* Knowing your business is protected can help you feel more confident as a small business owner, which often shines through to your clients. 
* Be creative and curious in business ownership. Enjoy the process of learning, and if you don’t have an answer, don’t be afraid to ask.”

The link is “skl.sh/draplin8” so jam that into a browser and get a little “off the page” tune-up with the DDC!


- - - -

And be sure to check out our other Skillshare classes:

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: For the first time on Skillshare, I’m offering a month-long workshop to my students! After years of doing wild workshops out there on the road, then two surreal years of virtual workshops to points all over the globe, we’ve boiled our DDC logo-making process down into a fun month-long workshop: The “Master Logo Design with Aaron Draplin” ChromaCourse.

I hear this one all the time: “I just don’t have the time to make my own logo.” And that's PRECISELY why we’re doing this. June is the time to do it!

We’ll be delivering four assignments as pre-recorded daily lessons. Over the course of the week you’ll work on each lesson, and share it in our own Slack channel where I’ll be weighing in nightly to offer feedback on your progress. Then we’ll have weekly marathon live sessions where I’ll discuss projects, show examples of my own work, offer up tips and pointers, all in the spirit of how to improve your project each step along the way.

And all of this energy and exchange, in a safe, constructive environment where we can all share our project progress, learn how to improve our process and prop each other up. Sounds good, right? WELCOME TO THE DDC!

You don’t need to have a Skillshare membership to take this workshop, and you can reserve your spot in this link here. Space is limited to 125 students. These seats are going to go quick. We’re putting IT ALL OUT THERE for the month of June!

Let's do this! Gonna be fun, wild and I will EXHAUST every resource I have to deliver a fun workshop to you and the group! And be there to help you make you an awesome logo along the way!


THESE MITTENS ARE RAD AS HELL: I was reached out to by one Jeremy Burns from RAD Gloves about a year back about a possible collab. To the day! February 21, 2020 and we had a quick, fun conversation about our mutual connections in the snowboard industry, mutual buddies in Bend, Oregon and his time in Bend, and back in Australia where he grew up. We discussed possible models and the next thing I new, the first set of sample showed up to check out the quality of the mittens. All awesome. And let me tell you, from the first set of samples I saw with the design, THESE WERE A DEFINITIVE "GO." The fit, the details, the accents and how the graphics turned out...cool as all get out. Fro the first samples to the pile ready to go today...RAD!

Here's the part about these gloves I love the most: Sure, their origin is from the snowboarding world, but these will do the job while shoveling, while taking winter walks, while building snow forts...while SURVIVING WINTER'S ALPINE BITE! Ready for the elements, alpine warriors!

So proud of them! Thank you, Jeremy! They turned out SO RAD! Here we go...

Product Details:
01. Warm, durable and comfortable mitten.
02. Premium goatskin leather palm & accents.
03. Custom DDCxRAD deluxe wrist leashes.
04. 10k/10k Waterproof & Breathable Official Hipora inserts.
05. Thinsulate insulation.
06. Boogie wiper thumb! TECHNICAL TERM!
07. Slip-On/Slip-Off cuff.
08. PVC label.
09. Viciously limited edition.
10. These things rip!

"Thick Lines / Sunrays" Mittens


Ordering Details:
$69.99 +$7 USPS Shipping (U.S.A.)
"Thick Lines / Foliage" Mittens


Ordering Details:
$69.99 +$7 USPS Shipping (U.S.A.)
"Thick Lines / Water" Mittens


Ordering Details:
$69.99 +$7 USPS Shipping (U.S.A.)
"Thick Lines / Peaks" Mittens


Ordering Details:
$69.99 +$7 USPS Shipping (U.S.A.)
"Thick Lines Clouds" Mittens


Ordering Details:
$69.99 +$7 USPS Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDCxRAD Lush Leather Mittens


Product Details:
01. Warm, durable and comfortable leather mitten.
02. Premium goatskin leather palm & accents.
03. Articulated fingers inside the mitten, for extra warmth.
04. Custom DDCxRAD deluxe wrist leashes.
05. 10k/10k Waterproof & Breathable Official Hipora inserts.
06. Thinsulate insulation.
07. Boogie wiper thumb. TECHNICAL TERM!
08. Slip-On/Slip-Off cuff.
09. PVC label.
10. Viciously limited edition.
11. Total beasts, these mittens!

Lush Leather "Good Times" Mittens


Ordering Details:
$69.99 +$7 USPS Shipping (U.S.A.)
Lush Leather "Good Times" Mittens


Ordering Details:
$69.99 +$7 USPS Shipping (U.S.A.)
Hand Length Sizing Chart


FIND YER SIZE: The way to determine the size is this: Measure for the base of palm up to the top of the middle finger. Then check the Hang Length/Size guide. If you are on the fence with sizing, size up! Alright! BAM!

International Orders:
We cover the shipping in the states, but charge the basics for international orders. Before you place the order through our PayPal account, send us an email to "orders(at)draplin.com" and we'll get you a shipping quote for the goods you are interested in. As simple as that! Thanks!

©2022 DDC Dry Goods Div., Merch Dept., Portland, Ore.

December 23, 2021
BACK IN STOCK: The TJBxDDC DDC-263 "Elko" Pocket Knife
Posted at 01:15 PM


Product Description:
This one goes back a good twenty years. When I met my buddy Ryan Coulter in 2002, I instantly knew that this was the kind of guy to start taking notes around. He knew how to make stuff! Snowboard bindings, shoes, sporting goods, bags...all sorts of boss stuff. And free of the pompous industrial design swagger I've run into here and there. He was a regular guy! We shared a Midwestern upbringing bond, and a yearning for The West. We both had to escape. There's a cool understanding there we share. Each gig, project or year we make it out here is always good for a high-five. And that goes back to 2002.

Over the years we got to collaborate a bit for Union Binding Company, and then made some Field Notes for The James Brand, and this time? We made a knife together. And for that, I am blown away. I'll have one of these on my keychain FOREVER.

And hey, this isn't just about a knife—it's about the power of design. Coulter and Sam designed EVERY single facet of this thing. I'm in awe every time a James Brand product. Respect, buddy. Congratulations on amazing The James Brand, and thank you for making these for the DDC! We love ya, Coulter!

Product Details:
01. Lightweight and durable high-pressure fiberglass laminate G10 handles.
02. Drop point blade design for strength and versatility.
03. Utilizes Carpenter CTS-BD1 steel with high hardness, good wear resistance, and excellent edge retention.
04. Slim profile and lightweight design is perfect for a keychain, lanyard, pocket, purse or backpack.
05. Ambidextrous carry orientation.
06. 416 stainless steel hardware, phosphor bronze washers.
07. Closed Length: 2.60" (6.58cm) / Open Length: 4.33" (11.0cm) / Blade Length: 1.74" (4.4cm)
08. Nail nick blade opener.
09. Sharp as shit. Cuts through the bullshit with minimal effort.
10. As orange as possible!
11. Maximum utility in a brilliiant, minimal design.
12. Comes with incredible The James Brand packaging.
13. "Always cut away from yerself." -DDC, Whittling Div.
14. Viciously limited third edition of 450.
15. We kindly ask you to limit these to a "Two Per Human" sort of thing.
Read This:
LIMITS: We kindly ask you to limit these to a "Two Per Human" sort of thing. Last time we had flippers buying eight and ten of the things. Any orders that come in with "more than two knives" will be shipped as two, and the rest refunded.
Ordering Details:


$65.00+ $11 USPS Priority Shipping & Handling (USA)

$65.00+ $16 USPS Shipping & Handling (Canada/Mexico)

$65.00+ $19 USPS Shipping & Handling (UK/Europe)

$65.00+ $21 USPS Shipping & Handling (Australia/Asia)
The Fine Print on International Orders:
Please read this, international customers: If you order other items there may be additional shipping required. Order the knife using this link, add your other items to the cart and we'll reach out to the email from your PayPal account about the extra shipping charges if necessary. Make sure your PayPal email is up to date, as well as your address. If you haven't heard from us, please check your "SPAM" and "Junk" e-mail folders.

International orders can be a bit tricky. Once the package leaves the states, we can track it, but lose the ability to interface with international post offices. It's just out of our hands at that point. In almost all cases, they get held up in customs, and might require extra funds to release it. Or are being held at your local post office. We can't be held responsible for lost packages, custom charges or tracking things down, so please contact your local post office to check to see if packages are being held.

©2021 DDC Dry Goods Div., Merch Dept., Portland, Ore.

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ON THE TWELFTH DAY OF MERCHMAS, AARON WENT ROGUE: I've been good all year. And last night? I was bad.

I've been working up a little something out here. And will offer up no other details...to my colleagues at @fieldnotesbrand in Chicago, to the readers of this post...hell, Leigh didn't even know about this one. I HAVEN'T EVEN TOLD MY MOM. And I'll deal with that fallout in due time.

While I've got yer ear, let me say thanks to everyone for an INCREDIBLE DDC MERCHMAS onslaught these last twelve days. We appreciate each and every order.

Our final offering for DDC Merchmas 2021 is the "Aaron's Leap of Faith" @fieldnotes brand edition. Load up! These are going to GO QUIIIIIIIICK!

Someone left the gates open, and I got in!

Aaron's "Leap of Faith" Field Notes Edition



You just gotta believe: Aaron's "Leap of Faith" Field Notes Edition

December 11, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/11: Mystery Kit 2021! 33/66/99!
Posted at 12:00 PM


MYSTERIOUS MOVES: It's the eleventh day of DDC Merchmas, and we went digging!

And after a small fracas—but a couple asses and elbows away from an all-out donnybrook—we unearthed a small, spirited stash of rare Field Notes to release out into the world. We've consulted with "THOSE IN THE KNOW" over fair market values...based on rarity, scarcity and froth value and separated them into three groups:

01. "Quandary"
- 1 Rare Field Notes 3-Pack Pleasantly Plucked From the DDC Vault
- 1 Souvenir Patch
- 1 Mystery Merch Item
- and a wad of stickers.
- - - -
02. "Enigma"
AND YOU GET: - 1 Rather Rare Field Notes 3-Pack Cleverly Coaxed out of the DDC Vault
- 1 Souvenir Patch
- 1 Key Tag
- 1 Mystery Item
- and a grip of stickers.

- - - -
03. "Unknown Known"
AND YOU GET: - 1 Really, Really Rare Field Notes 3-Pack Powerfully Packjacked out of the DDC Vault
- 1 Souvenir Patch
- 1 Key Tag
- 1 Jean Jacket Pin
- 1 Mystery Merch Item
- and a clump of stickers.

Each kit comes with a rare Field Notes 3-pack and extras. And said extras ramp up considerably, as you go up the food chain. We packed a lot of value into these. Both new, old and just plain weird. Very, very limited number on these, and they'll go quick!

Recently found a stash of Deaders and said my goodbyes in a small ceremony this morning. Be good out there, you little shits. Spread your pages and flap away.

AND HEY: All proceeds go to charity.


DDC Mystery Kit 2021: 33/66/99


Ordering Details:
Sold Out: $33/ $66 / $99

Thank you to everyone involved! Kits kitted! Going out tomorrow, if the airport USPS accepts them! WOOSH!


THROWFLAKE, O’, THROWFLAKE: The tenth day of DDC Merchmas and we've got the TJBxDDC “Throwflake” on deck! Easily, the coolest ornament I’ve seen to date…and for the 11-year-old in me, the COOLEST THROWING STAR ever! And a little stash of the TJBxDDC FIeld Notes singles! Sold in a set of three! GO!

We got our stashes of Rumpls on hand! The Rumpl x DDC “Fall Thick Lines” and “Summer Thick Lines” are ready to go! Cover up in one of these this winter!

We get hit daily about getting a DDC book signed for folks. We’ve got a stash on hand and will personalize the book for you, or a loved one, or however you’d like it. Shipped right to your doorstep.

TJB X DDC "Throwflake"


FROM THE JAMES SITE: "It's hard to put into words.The Throwflake™ is half Christmas-time decoration, half ninja star, and 100% awesome. We've never offered one of these for sale before. This one was designed by Aaron Draplin as a part of our TJB × DDC capsule collection. With 6 (very sharp) points and an included lanyard, you'll be sure to get lots of questions about this one."


Ordering Details:
$35 +$4.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
TJB X DDC "Field Notes Memo Book"


AND HEY: If you missed out yesterday, please let folks snag some of these today! Thank you. Otherwise, go APESHIT on these.

Ordering Details:
$18 +$7.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
Rumpl x DDC "Thick Lines Fall"


Ordering Details:
$129.00 +$19 Shipping (U.S.A.)
Rumpl x DDC "Thick Lines Summer"


Ordering Details:
$129.00 +$19 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC Book: Signed!


256-PAGES OF PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING: Get a DDC book signed to you! Or a loved one! Or a friend! Purchasing steps below.

01. Place order below.
02. Then email our shipping manager Leigh at "shipping(at)draplin(dot)com" and tell her how you want the book personalized.
03. And then I'll sign it and throw some extra goodie in too!
04. Kick back and watch that mailbox!

Ordering Details:
$39.99 +$10 Shipping (U.S.A.)
December 09, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/9: Nine New Pins! Nine New Action Caps!
Posted at 12:00 PM


NINE TIMES, NINE TIMES: The ninth day of DDC Merchmas and we've got NINE NEW PINS and NINE NEW ACTION CAPS to jam up into the mix. Special thanks to our buddy Sean McMahon OF Brewery Outfitters for making on these. In a weird time with "supply chain fuckery afoot," Sean gave us a date and NAILED IT. Thank you, man. For this, and all these years of help with this stuff, we salute you!

Nine new pins! Nine new action caps! BAM!

AND YES YES YES, MORE NEW STUFF from the "TJB x DDC" capsule collection! YES! An orange-blasted Limited Edition of Field Notes!!! The Hardin carabiner ROCKS. On my keys right now, as these words go to print.
And those pins? C’mon. I have them on my jean jacket already. Love ‘em!!!

01. DDC-265 "James° × DDC: Field Notes, Limited Edition"
02. DDC-265 "James° × DDC: The Hardin"
03. DDC-265 James° × DDC: "Cool Stuff Pin Collection"

To lock those in, head over to The James Brand to snag them! GO: "TJB x DDC" at thejamesbrand.com! Or simply click the links above.

Nine New Pins!


Ordering Details:
$7.99 +$3.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
Nine New Actions Caps!


OH, CANADA: Canadians and international friends: There will be additional shipping charges on these. Place as the order as you would, and Leigh will hit you up about the extra fee to send in. Make sure your email inside PayPal is your most recent one, and just in case, check your SPAM folder for her reply. If you haven't heard from us, write us at "shipping(at)draplin(dot)com."

Ordering Details:
$32.99 +$4.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)


A LITTLE OFFERING: The eighth day of DDC Merchmas and we are REELING from an onslaught of TJB x DDC: The Folsom Knife sales yesterday (Keep 'em coming!), a run on the "Harshmellow" 7-inchers as Dale & Buzz from The Melvins puts posts up alerting their fans! Leigh has them ALL readied to be shipped. Thanks, everyone!!!

Today we offer up our updated "DDC Brand Plectrum Set," the new single from The Delines' forthcoming "The Sea Drift" record and holy shit, EVEN MORE NEW STUFF from the "TJB x DDC" capsule collection? Believe it.

01. DDC-265 "James° × DDC: Stacked Logo 5-Panel Hat"
02. DDC-265 "James° × DDC: Stacked Logo Tee."

To lock those in, head over to The James Brand to snag them! GO: "TJB x DDC" at thejamesbrand.com! Or simply click the links above.

DDC-023 "DDC Brand Plectrum Set"


HIGH GRADE CELLULOID: We've been scrambling. With each Plectrum Set that would eeek in, we'd have to go digging to fulfill each of the three picks. Those days are over. We have a BIG STASH in, updated the pacakging to a ballistic letterpress card and are ready to ship these! It goes as "DDC-023 "DDC Brand Plectrum Set" aand that's three DDC picks! Same picks I use daily, flailing around on my Martin D-35. If and when we ever "go on tour" these will be the celluloid picks we flick out into the crowd of Spears', Durbins, Claytons and Lechtenbergs in the pit. Count on it.

Ordering Details:
$11.99 +$4 Shipping (U.S.A.)
The Delines "Little Earl" 7-Inch


GULF COAST LURKING: The new single of The Delines' forthcoming "The Sea Drift" long player. Got to design this one up for Willy and the band this summer, and it's finally on the shelves and moving. I have a little stash here we're offering up today! TURN IT UP!

Ordering Details:
$9.99 +$7.50 Shipping (U.S.A.)
December 07, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/7: BetterCo x DDC "Mighty PNW" Puzzle!
Posted at 12:00 PM


THAT MIGHT PACIFIC NORTHWEST PIECE BY PIECE: Today is “BetterCo x DDC” puzzle day on the DDC factory floor! The seventh day of our DDC Merchmas, and we offer up the "Mighty PNW" 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle!

And hey, we're experiencing some "supply chain" stuff with this one. And, being very patient. We're closely monitoring their delivery out to Portland. Sadly, they aren't "off the boat" just yet. And once they hit land, they are shipping out to Portland, and dispersed the moment we get them. So, this is a bit of a "pre-order" of sorts. Or more of a "lock one in before my stash gets whittled down" sort of thing? Yeah, that.

Also today, MORE NEW STUFF from the "TJB x DDC" capsule collection!

01. DDC-265 "Cut Away From Yerself" PSA Poster.
02. DDC-265 "James Stack" souvenir patch.
03. DDC-265 "Sharp As Shit" souvenir patch.

For those, head over to The James Brand to snag them! GO: "Day 2 of "TJB x DDC" at thejamesbrand.com!

DDC-302 "BetterCo x DDC Might PNW 1000-Piece Puzzle"


Pre-Order Details:
$24.99 +$15 USPS Priority Shipping (U.S.A.)
December 06, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/6: TJBxDDC Folsom Knife Stash!
Posted at 12:00 PM



Product Description:
First it was the Elko, and those two runs both sold in the first five minutes! This time, it's a batch of Folsoms. And friends, let me tell you straight from the horses mouth: THESE THINGS ARE INCREDIBLE. And today they are offered up to the world! These are going to go fast, so snag one and kick back. We'll be shipping them out the SAME DAY, so they'll get to you quick.

From the James Brand site: "Featuring slim scales and a steel liner-lock, the Folsom is ready to be put through the paces. With an ambidextrous blade opening slot, a reversible clip, tip-up carry, and serious gripping power, this is a blade you'll find in your EDC on the regular."

Product Details:
01. Blade Steel: VG-10
02. Scale Type: G10
03. Blade Length: 2.75" (7.0 cm)
04. Closed Length: 4" (10.16cm)
05. Overall Length: 6.75” (17.4cm)
06. Blade Thickness: 0.11” / 2.8mm
07. Handle Length: 4" / 10.2 cm
08. Handle Thickness: 0.39” / 9.9 mm
09. Weight: 3.4oz
10. Blade Shape: Drop Point
11. Blade Type: Straight
12. Lock Type: Liner Lock
13. Opener: Thumb Hole
14. Carry Style: Tip up
15. Carry Orientation: Ambidextrous
16. Clip: 416 Stainless Steel
17. Spacer: Aluminum
18. Hardware: 416 Stainless Steel
19. Washers: Phosphor Bronze
20. Sharp as shit.
Ordering Details:
$100 +$12 Shipping & Handling (U.S.A.)
December 05, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/5: "Thick Lines Collection"
Posted at 12:00 PM


THICKER THE BETTER: Today is “THICK LINES Day” on the DDC factory floor! The fourth day of our rambling, gambling and scrambling DDC Merchmas!

Been sitting on these for awhile, careful not to show them on the social meeds.

01. DDC-291 "THICK LINES Torso Cover" Pre-Order
02. DDC-291 “THICK LINES Action Cap” in Blue/White and Orange/Black
03. DDC-291 “THICK LINES Souvenir Patch” in Red, Blue and Orange
04. DDC-291 “THICK LINES Decal 3-Pack Kit” in Red, Blue and Orange

#thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines
#thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines
#thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines
#thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines
#thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines
#thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines #thicklines

DDC-291 "THICK LINES Torso Cover" Pre-Order



Upper back hit!

HELL YEAH: Our "THICK LINES" torso cover pre-order! These will ship in early January.

Product Details:
01. Thick ink on durable fibers.
02. A collection of our favorite THICK LINES logos.
03. Used only the THICKEST of lines for this one.
04. Colorways: "Blue Sky," "Green Mind" and "Mellow Yellow."
05. Check that sleeve hit!
06. Check that upper back hit!
07. Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL!
Pre-Order Details:
$25.99 +$7.50 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC-291 "THICK LINES Action Caps"


Product Details:
01. Ballistic embroidered patch.
02. Durable materials up front.
03. Mesh ventilation system for maximum air flow out back.
04. Fitted for all heads. Grow into it.
05. Adjustable. Fits big heads, too!
06. “Snapback” adjuster in the back. None of that “fitted’ bullshit here. 08. Extra hit of DDC branding inside.
07. Cut, sewn and assembled in the U.S.A!
Ordering Details:
$32.99 +$3.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC-291 "THICK LINES" Souvenir Patches


Product Details:
01. Durable embroidery. Long lasting.
02. Colors inspired by the thick lines logos discovered, savored, rescued and implemented.
03. 2.5” wide x 3.0” tall in dimension.
04. Manufactured by our Portland buddies at Brewery Outfitters.
05. Great for backpack, jean jacket, fatigues, rucksack, feed-n-seed caps and many other spirited uses.
06. In stock forever.
Ordering Details:
$7.99 +$2.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC-291 "THICK LINES" Decal 3-Pack


Product Details:
01. Set of three decals. One of each colorway as shown above.
02. Screen printed on thick, weather proof vinyl. Serious adhesives.
03. Colors inspired by the simplicity and unapologetic functionality of thick-lined logos.
04. 2.75” wide x 3.5” tall in dimension.
05. Printed by Nameplate down in SoCal.
Ordering Details:
$7.99 +$2.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
December 04, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/4: "Notes To Self" Day!
Posted at 12:00 PM


HEAD OVER TO LEIGH'S SHOP: And load up on some Notes To Self goodies! CLICK HERE!

Today is "Notes To Self Day" on the DDC factory floor. Hell, every day is. GO!

December 03, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/3: "Grizzly Wheeler Goods"
Posted at 12:00 PM


GRIZZZZZZZLY WHEEEEEEEELER: Well, well, well. Hell freezes over. Dogs hang out with cats. Cars drive sideways. And the DDC finally lets it all hang out with Grizzly Wheeler. On three new pieces of merch, at that!

Today is “Grizzly Wheeler Day” on the DDC factory floor! Third day of DDC Merchmas!

Ol’ Grizz sure is a handful. I don’t know ANY OTHER human who lets me talk the way I talk to Grizzle Whee-Shizzle. Our exchanges are downright inhumane. We’ve invented words in the midst of our high stakes negotiations. Phones have been hung up. Chatrooms cleared out. Zoom calls left high and dry. But aside from all that snort, snarl, bark and growl that comes out of the man, the Grizz DELIVERS THE FUCKIN’ GOODS, and today we offer them for sale.

01. DDC-301 “Longgg Sleeve Torso Cover” Orange/Black
02. DDC-155 “One Cuff Beanie - Grizzly Wheeler Edition”
03. DDC-036 “Pocket Torso Cover” Maroon/Orange

DDC-301 "Longgg Sleeve Torso Cover"





Product Details:
01. 6-ounce longgg sleeve torso cover with chest, back, left sleeve and right sleeve prints.
02. In the following sizes: S-XXL. (This is all Grizz could get! Weird time out there right now.)
03. Printed in Captain McIntosh's Dark Fold, South Carolina, wherever the hell that is?
04. VICIOUSLY limited edition on these. Did 120 of these orange rascals. GO!
05. Each shirt hand-numbered on sleeve. For posterity.
Ordering Details:
$29.99 +$6.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC-155 “One Cuff Beanie - Grizzly Wheeler Edition”


Product Details:
01. Manufactured by Grizzly Wheeler "And his cousin somewhere." Who knows.
02. Fits all heads.
03. One cuff. One roll. One fold. One way.
04. "Dark Matter Black" through and through.
05. Special DDC woven tag for maximum representin’ out in the world.
06. Durable as hell. These thing will go the distance.
07. This thing will save yer head from that cold, whipping wind.
08. Insane limited edition on this one. These are going to go QUICK!
Ordering Details:
$23.99 +$3.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC-036 “Pocket Torso Cover”




Product Details:
01. 6-ounce pocket torso cover with pocket and back prints.
02. In the following sizes: S-XXL. (This is all Grizz could get! Weird time out there right now.)
03. Pocket designed to fit Field Notes brand memo books. No expense was spared.
04. Each pocket comes with a "Pocketful of Extras," and we're not saying anything else. Roll the dice.
05. Printed in Captain McIntosh's Dark Fold, South Carolina, wherever the hell that is?
06. Way limited edition on these. Did 144 of these maroon miscreants. GO!
Ordering Details:
$26.99 S-XL, XXL 28.99 +$6.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)


December 02, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/2: "Harshmellow 7-Inch"
Posted at 12:00 PM


TURN IT UP: A record label? Here's how thing starts. So my buddy O and I are on a call a year back, catching up about bands, jobs and whatever else. "I got a new band going called Harshmellow," he says. Excited I reply, "Yeah, what's it all about?" And O tells me about his friend Sarah who's playing bass on the songs, and the recording process, and how he enlisted Dale and Buzz from the Melvins! As well as Arrow de Wilde from Starcrawler. My interest piqued, I interrupt and say, "Well, hell, who's doing the design for the record."

And O snaps back, "You are!" And then I say, "Hell yeah, man, you got it! And what record label is going to put it out?" Cuz here's the deal, O knows everyone, and has put out so many records over the years, and I can’t wait for his answer. And O snaps back again, "You are!"

And that's where DDC Records was born. On a spotty reception call with while O was whipping through some beach hamlet in South California. Welcome to DDC Records! -Aaron James Draplin, DDC Records

This is our first release on DDC Records. Catalog number "DDC-R-002." (Saving the "001" for a secret project in the works.)

Today is "Harshmellow Day" on the DDC factory floor! Second day of DDC Merchmas! GO!

DDC-R-002 "Limited Edition Harshmellow 7-Inch"


Product Details:
01. Vinyl 7-inch record manufactured in the USA.
02. Side A is 45 RPM.
03. Side B is 33-1/3 RPM.
04. Blazing orange vinyl!
05. Black record sleeve.
06. Kiss-cut sticker sheet.
07. Protective mylar sleeve.
08. These songs ROCK. Fact.
Record Credits:
01. O played guitar and sang. Sarah Linton played bass guitar.
02. Special Guests: Dale Crover (Melvins) on drums, King Buzzo (Melvins) added some guitar and Arrow de Wilde (Starcrawler) on vocals.
03. Recorded by Toshi Kasai at Sound of Sirens studios in Los Angeles, Calif.
04. Mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering in Los Angeles, Calif.
05. Cover printed by the amazing Stoughton Printing (!!!) in City of Industry, Calif.
06. Pressed at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, Mich.
07. Designed by the Draplin Design Co. in Portland, Ore.
08. Released on DDC Records, a loose subsidiary of the Draplin Design Co., Portland, Ore.
09. Limited edition of 1000.
Ordering Details:
$14.99 +$7.50 Shipping (U.S.A.)
Check out those details!

The sticker sheet along is AWESOME! Kiss-cut peel-n'-stick ease!

Orange vinyl!